who am i?

hello there! i'm rachel, the 5"4 girl behind the camera and here's my modified Myspace about me: i'm usually binge watching The Office or anything/everything on Disney+, spending hours scrolling through Tik Tok, or enjoying time with my husband and daughter (that's us in the photo on the left!) i'm obsessed with my sweet chocolate lab, Odin, i love to paint, travel, and explore new places. My friends always rely on me to pose them for pictures - i'm not complainin' - and i take way more pictures than i should when i'm given someone else's phone and asked to snap a quick picture (just so you have options when selecting the perfect photo for your instagram) AND THAT'S IT. Let's be friends? 


what am i about?

For the past several years that i've been photographing people, i have grown as an individual and gradually found the type of style that i enjoy capturing. i took into account the type of photos that i personally love to post and the poses i love doing and incorporated it to my sessions. If you're looking for photos that require you to just look straight into the camera and smile the whole session then, unfortunately, i'm not the photographer for you. My sessions include a lot of interaction - laughing, jokes, and love. 

I require interaction in my sessions because it can define the little aspects of who you are, what your family is all about, or the intimacy you have with your significant other. My creative side definitely comes out in my photos and i'm always down when my clients have ideas they'd like to incorporate into their sessions. Although i'm based out of Central Texas, please do not let that stop you from contacting me. I have friends and family almost everywhere and i'd love to connect with you and shoot somewhere new.